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Automated Notifications

Challenge notifications and Inactivity that are automatically sent without any action required of the Admin

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What Notifications are automatically sent during a Challenge?

To make members aware of upcoming Challenges and to help keep them engaged during the Challenge, the app has several notifications that are automatically sent without any action required of the Admin.

For the Admin that wants to create and send additional notifications, be aware that the following notifications will be sent automatically. The timing will vary, depending on the duration of your Challenge.

The sample below is based on a 10-day Challenge:

  • As soon as Challenge is published: “Challenge Available. Join now!”

  • 2 Days before Start (if Challenge is published) - “Challenge Starting Soon. Join now!”

  • Challenge Day 1: “Challenge has begun! Start logging Actions!”

  • Challenge Day 5: “It's Challenge halftime. Are you going to be the champ?”

  • Challenge Day 8: “Challenge Almost Over. Last chance to Log Actions!”

  • Challenge Day 10: “Challenge Ended. Check out the leaderboard! Job well done!”

Delete or Edit Automated Notifications

Only Queued notifications can be deleted or edited.

  • To Delete a notification, click the [X] button next to the notification. A modal screen will prompt you to make sure you want to delete it.

  • To Edit a notification, click the "Edit" button next to the notification. This will take you to the Create/Edit notification page.

The notifications section is broken into two tables: queued and delivered notifications.

  • Queued notifications are not yet delivered, and can be edited or deleted. You can edit or delete notifications up to 5 minutes before their scheduled delivery time.

  • Delivered notifications show a history of previous messages sent so you can track your message history.

What automated Notifications are sent to Inactive Participants?

If a participant has become inactive during a Challenge, automatic notifications are sent to encourage activity. Notifications include fun tips, specific actions, and general activity encouragement. The following notifications are generated after each period of inactivity:

  • 36 hours of inactivity (new user): "Need some Greenspiration? Check out the trending feed."

  • 4 days of inactivity: "Pro Tip: Buzz the 'Action Name' Action. It's popular with people you follow."

  • 15 days of inactivity: "Check out Action Name. It's one of Steve's favorite Actions."

  • 30 days of inactivity: "Uh oh! 😁You've got 0 points on the Leaderboard. Stage your comeback now!"

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