How To Upgrade Your Account

Remember: It's easy to adjust your account to fit your organization size

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Updating Your JouleBug Subscription

To adjust the number of users on your plan to right-size your account for your team size, you can either change the Boosted plan quantity via the Admin Dashboard > Account tab > Upgrade Now or Change Plan under the Boosted plan or make changes by following this link.

Once you enter and verify your email address, the Stripe management portal will open, and you can adjust your subscription.

Data Retention Policies and Subscription Cancellation

Reminder: Canceling your subscription will initiate the account deletion process.

As a courtesy reminder of our Terms of Service, in the event of any termination of your subscription, JouleBug agrees to retain your account data for a period of:

  • 90 days following any cancellation or termination of these Terms other than due to your uncured breach.

  • 60 days following any expiration of a "free trial" or "evaluation period" if you have not subscribed for a paid subscription.

  • Immediately if terminated due to your uncured breach.

Following such period, JouleBug reserves the right to delete and destroy all such data without notice to you.

Canceling Your JouleBug Subscription

Cancel your subscription by following this link, enter and verify your email address to open the Stripe management portal and adjust your subscription to 'Cancel Subscription.'

In the future, you can create a new organization account effectively, starting with a blank slate.

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