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Activity Feed explained
Activity Feed explained

What is it and how do I use it?

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You can easily stay up-to-date and connect with colleagues in your organization using the Activity Feed. This feature enables you to keep track of the latest posts and photos of your peers' accomplishments and effortlessly engage with them by commenting on and liking their content. You can join the conversations and connect with your colleagues without any hassle.

Understanding the Activity Feed

The activity feed is a crucial component of our platform, enabling users to track their actions as well as their peers. It serves as a log of engagement, promoting transparency and accountability for the work that has been accomplished.

Whenever you or your colleagues log an action, it is automatically posted to the Activity Feed along with a photo and a comment. This allows other users to easily stay updated on the progress being made and appreciate the collective effort. The photos attached to actions provide even more visibility, enabling the entire team to see the progress made.

Liking Posts

If you like a post, click the "Heart" button underneath it. This way, the author of the post will know you appreciate it. You can also click the "Speech bubble" button to comment and share your thoughts.

Sharing Posts

If you want to share one of your own posts with someone outside of your organization:

  • Click on the post

  • Then the "..." at the top right

  • Click "Share"

  • Then select the channel/platform you want to share the post to

It's that easy!

Edit or Remove Post

If you want to edit or remove one of your posts:

  • Click on the post

  • Then the "..." at the top right

  • Click "Remove Post" to remove the post from the activity feed OR

  • Click "Edit Post" to update the photo or comment

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