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Trophy Case, Badges and Medals explained
Trophy Case, Badges and Medals explained

Track your progress, earn accolades, collect them all

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What's in my Trophy Case?

Your Trophy Case in your Profile contains your collection of mastered Actions, earned Badges, and earned Medals. It represents the hard work put into mastering new habits and concepts.

How do I master an Action?

Each Action has a colorful ring around the icon. Once the ring is complete it indicates the user has mastered the Action. The number of Logs that it takes depends on the Action itself.

How do I earn Badges?

Actions are grouped by theme into badges. Mastering multiple Actions will earn users an associated badge. Badges have varying degrees of requirements. Check out the graphic below to see all the opportunities you have to earn badges!

How do I earn Medals?

Medals are awarded for Challenges. Every player will receive a participation medal, as well as an award for scoring in the top 3 in a competitive Challenge or reaching goals in a goal-setting Challenge.

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