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How To Log an Action
How To Log an Action

Learn more about logging Actions and navigating the Actions page on JouleBug app

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Welcome to JouleBug! Kick things off with this short video to learn more about Logging Actions, earning points and tracking your progress with JouleBug.

Anatomy of an Action

JouleBug Actions are organized into categories, each category has a list of actions that you can select to see more details. On the action detail page, you’ll find the following:

  • Back to all actions – Not ready to log this action? Click here to exit the action detail.

  • Action Icon with Habit ring – Each action has a unique icon to help you quickly identify it. Around the icon, you’ll find the habit ring. This ring represents your proximity to establishing the action as a habit. Each action requires a different number of logs to become a habit. Once the ring is complete, you have mastered the action. You can continue to log the action and earn points even after it has been mastered.

  • Share action – Have a friend or coworker you think would like this action? Share it with them! Only available on mobile apps

  • Action Name – Each action has a unique name to help you quickly identify it.

  • Log Action button – When you’ve completed an action, tap the log action button. You’ll be able to add a photo, caption, and additional information about exactly what you did to complete the action. Once you’ve logged an action, you’ll see how many points you earned towards your personal progress and any challenges you’re a part of that also include this action.

  • Action Description – Here, you’ll find some additional information about completing the action.

  • Challenge Points – Is your organization running a challenge? Here, you’ll see what challenges the action will count towards. If you don’t see this section, the action is not included in any challenges you’ve joined. Remember, you don’t always need a challenge to cultivate mindfulness 😉

  • Bonus Points – Some actions have bonus points for environmental impact, money saved, and more. All bonus points for an action can be viewed in this section.

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals – Many of our sustainability actions are linked to specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which connect the dots between local action and global impact. Click on the goal to learn more about it.

  • Impact Comparison – CO2, water, and waste calculations can feel a little abstract - in this section, we compare action impacts to real-world applications so you get a better idea of how much impact your actions make!

  • Videos and Links – Some actions have videos or links with additional information about completing the action. These are great educational resources, so check them out if you’re logging an action for the first time!

  • Top Followers – Compare how often you and your followers have logged the action. Haven’t followed anyone yet? Tap “Follow people” to get suggestions on who to follow.

  • Photo Credit – We give credit where credit is due! All actions have a cover photo. Here, we credit the photographer so you can check out their other work if you love what you see (we sure do).

Logging and Action

  • Add Quantity – If the Action's quantity is editable, there will be an 'edit' button in the top right corner of your screen. Tap the ‘edit’ button to select a quantity.

  • Add an Image – Tap the icon to upload an image from your library or to snap a new picture of you completing the action, such as composting leftovers turned science project in the back of your fridge or, more commonly, food straps.

    • Pro-tip: including an image earns you bonus points 🤓

  • Add a Caption – Share a bit about completing the action to inspire others and to create a log of your learning journey.

    • Pro-tip: including a caption earns you bonus points 😎

  • Log Action – Click this button once you've finished providing all the necessary information for this action.

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