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Learn how points are awarded to each Action

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JouleBug uses the honor system.

One of our primary objectives is to get people thinking about sustainability. Could someone take credit before they complete a sustainable action? Sure. But hey, at least we got them thinking.

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to encourage honesty regarding eco-credibility. Beyond our settings, though, we trust that you’re using the JouleBug app because you want to make a real difference in your community and the planet.

How are an Action’s points awarded?

The points awarded for each Action logged come from a variety of sources. The base points awarded are loosely based on the impact of the Action. However, there are other sources of points. Bonus points may be awarded for the social aspects of taking a photo or adding a caption to an Action. There are also occasional fun bonuses for Challenge participation, logging an Action for the first time, or “mastering” an action.

Point System

Here are the key elements of our scoring system, but this is an approximate formula. Your Challenge proportions will vary significantly depending on your participants’ favorite activities, participants’ social interactions within the app, and the individual/team distribution.

  • Action Points – The Action Bonus is awarded for each completed action logged on the app. Every step towards establishing a new healthy habit deserves a reward, no matter how small!

  • Impact Points – There are several impact bonuses known as Earth, Wallet, Nutrition, and Fitness. These bonuses are directly related to the impact of your actions, such as the amount of carbon saved, waste diverted, money saved, and calories burned. The bigger the impact, the more points you will earn.

  • Social Bonuses – Sharing a photo or adding a caption when you log an action will earn you Social bonus points. This helps get more people involved, can spark ideas for others, and exponentially grows the overall impact of the Challenge.

  • Fun Bonuses – These bonuses aim to increase the "Fun Factor" level for the participants. Examples of fun bonuses include rewards for logging an action for the first time, maintaining a streak, and participating in a challenge. During a challenge, teams and individuals that are falling behind may receive larger bonuses occasionally to keep them motivated.

See a breakdown of your earned points

When you log an Action, a pop-up will appear telling you how many points you’ve earned. Tapping “Show More” on that screen will break down the points and bonuses you’ve received.

  • Challenge Points – The points breakdown for a challenge will only be displayed if you log an action that is part of an active challenge. This breakdown provides information about the points you earned for the challenge, your total points in the challenge as of now, and your current rank on the leaderboard.

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