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Actions Tab - Admin Dashboard
Actions Tab - Admin Dashboard

Actions are the core of how JouleBug educates, empowers and energizes your members

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Before we delve into the Actions Tab of the Admin Dashboard, let's define Actions.

Actions tell members what to do and give them the resources for how to do so through web links and videos.

Actions can be adapted to your organization's specific programs and policies by adding or modifying information on the action. For example, an organization may want to include a web link to their recycling guidelines on the Recycle Action or add a video about how to join a carpool program on the Carpool Action.

Actions Tab - App Content Theme

The Actions Tab of the Admin Dashboard features your organization's "anytime actions" based on your selected theme.

"Anytime actions" are actions that members of your organization can log even when there are no active challenges. These actions offer a great opportunity to emphasize key concepts or actions that you want your members to become familiar with over a longer period of time.

You can Activate, Deactivate, and Edit actions to align with your goals and initiatives. You can start with available themes and customize as needed.

Click the Edit Theme button to change the App Content

Choose a different theme as you're ready to refresh the app content.

The goal is to maintain user engagement by providing fresh content and leveraging notifications to prompt app usage.

It's important to keep in mind that if your app's content theme is centered around "sustainability" and you decide to host a "civic engagement" challenge, participants will only be able to log actions related to the "civic engagement" challenge during the specified challenge period. These actions will only be available once the challenge begins and will disappear once the challenge ends.

With more than 200 actions, JouleBug allows for endless customization options to create an unlimited number of challenges. This makes it easy to keep challenges fresh and engaging.

Active and Deactivated Actions

Active actions – These are available for members of your organization to perform at any time, regardless of any challenges that may be running. Think of the actions found on the Actions tab as your "anytime actions."

  • To include an action, click the [+] button next to it in the Deactivated table. This will add it back to the Active list.

Deactivated actions – These are unavailable for members of your organization to perform. While they may be found through other members' profiles or Activity Feeds, they will not be available to log.

  • To exclude an action, click the [-] button next to the action. This will move the action to the Deactivated table.

Understanding the Actions Table found on the Actions Tab

  • Name – is the name of the action as it appears in the app.

  • Description – is the action text as it appears in the app.

  • [5️⃣] – denotes related United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to help admins align actions with their global contribution goals and initiatives.

  • [👁️‍🗨️] – View all action details (similar to how it would appear on the app).

  • [🖊️] – Edit action details such as description, cover image, and links.

  • [-] – Deactivate an action to remove it from the app.

  • [+] – Activate an action to make it available on the app.

Using the Filter Functionality

You can use the filter functionality to quickly find the anytime actions that best align with your organization. Consider which actions you want participants to log anytime, anywhere. Filter by:

  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • Categories within your selected theme

  • Points value of the action

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