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Editing an Action
Editing an Action

How to modify an action's cover photo, description, and add videos or web links.

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To modify an action, click the "Edit" icon next to the action. This will take you to the action details page.

  • Cover photo – The cover photo is the banner for this action and should clearly indicate the action. Keep in mind that text and other images will be displayed on top of the photo, so choose a photo that will work well as a background.

    • Click the 'Edit Cover Photo' button in the top right corner of the page to open the Edit Photo dialog box to upload a new photo.

      • Click on the existing photo to select and upload a new photo.

      • Select a high-resolution photo. Recommended size 1080x1920px and at a minimum of 500x800px. Maximum file size of 20MB per photo.

      • Add the Photo Author using the attribution information you have available. The author's name will appear as "Photo © Author."



Select a photo that represents the action

Use photos with high-contrast patterns (they may clash with the text)

Use a photo specific to your organization

Use photos with people in them without their permission (unless it's a stock image)

Ensure you have the right to use the photo

Use photos without the permission of the author

  • Description – The description for the action tells members what they should do to log the action. Sometimes, you may want to add additional details to the action description to tell members how, where, or when they should be doing the action. You can append text after the standard action description to accomplish this.

  • Videos – To add additional information to the Action that may be specific to your community, you can include additional videos. If your community already has videos accessible, you can use these videos to enhance your organization/community members' experience. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube, and simply providing the YouTube link in the Dashboard will make your videos accessible within the app.

    • You can optionally include a name and description to accompany the video. Currently, this information does not display in the app.

    • Standard videos are included by default on some Actions, which cannot be edited. Your additional videos will display above these.



Select a video that has high production quality, with clear images and sound.

Pick a video relevant to the Action and adds information people will find valuable.

Use a video that is short (under 2 minutes).

Use a video that is sponsored by your organization.

Use a video with poor production quality, fuzzy images, muffled sound, or shaky camera work.

Use long videos. Anything over 2 minutes is not recommended.

Use videos with profanity or images inappropriate for ages 13+.

Use videos that may result in copyright infringement.

  • Links – Web links are the best place for additional supplementary information. This could include bus schedules, promotional flyers, product websites, or other information which may be relevant to the Action. You can include links to your website here, and the link will appear underneath the Action.

    • You can also include an optional image, title, and description for your web link, which will be displayed in the link preview. If you do not include a title, image, and description, the preview will auto-fill this information based on the webpage's content.

    • Perform Readability: This option will display the webpage as a readable page in the mobile app. This will remove most of the styling and images from the page and leave the text. Select this option if your chosen web link is not mobile-friendly.

    • Standard web links are included by default on some Actions, which cannot be edited. Your additional web links will display above these.



Choose a link that is relevant to the Action and adds valuable information.

Select a web link that has a clear, informative message.

Use a website that looks good on a mobile device ("designed for mobile" or "responsive design"). See the Google Webmaster page for more.

Choose a link that supports HTTPS (secure connections).

Use a link that has a poor mobile experience.

Use a link that includes inappropriate content for ages 13+.

Select a link that requires any login credentials, payment, or subscription to access.

Save/Discard Changes

Once you have modified the action, you can select Save Changes. This will adopt the changes on the current page and make them live.

IMPORTANT: Changes are only saved once you have selected Save Changes. Navigating away from the page without saving will discard your changes.

If you choose not to save your changes, you can select Discard Changes. This will return the page to its previous state.

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