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How-To Edit and Customize Challenges
How-To Edit and Customize Challenges

Now that you've created a Challenge, you have the option to customize it for your organization.

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If you need to, you can go ahead and follow along with an easy step-by-step tour by clicking the button below.

Or the 'Take A Tour' button on the Dashboard's 'Edit Challenge' page.

Once you have chosen the format for your challenge, you will be directed to the Edit Challenge page, where you can customize the experience to align with your brand.

Let's take a look at all the different customization opportunities available.

Challenge Cover Photo

In the app, this photo is displayed as the background for your challenge.

  • We recommend colorful photography. Avoid including text within this image, as it can compete with the challenge name and be hard to read.

  • Accepted formats: .jpg and .png. Recommended size: 1080 x 1920px. No smaller than 500 x 800px

Challenge Name

Edit to match the challenge theme; keep it memorable and concise.

Challenge Icon

Include an image that is relevant to the challenge theme or recognizable, such as your logo.

  • We suggest selecting a recognizable square image, such as your organization's logo or social media profile picture for the initiative's logo.

  • Accepted formats: .jpg and .png. Recommended size: 400 x 400px.

Challenge Description

This section serves as a call-to-action statement to motivate your team to participate in the challenge.

  • Including many details, like rules or dates, is unnecessary as they are included in the other sections.

Challenge Start and End Dates

  • Start your challenge during the week and, ideally, align it with a small kickoff event.

  • Similarly, end your challenge at a day and time when you can recognize winners shortly after.

  • You can start with shorter challenges that last 7-14 days, and work it up from there to run month-long challenges.

Auto Join

Instead of requiring members to manually join, toggling this option will automatically enroll all organization or sub-group members in the challenge once it starts.

Create Challenge Category

To ensure participants know which actions earn them points towards the challenge, create a Challenge Category. It's important to note that if you add new actions to the challenge, the Challenge Category will be automatically toggled on to ensure that these actions appear as part of the challenge.


To encourage the participants, offer them experiences or gift packages that align with your culture. You can choose to give any number of prizes and distribute them to top-earning individuals or teams, or based on criteria such as the best photo or caption. You can find more information on this topic in the article linked here.

Actions: View, Edit, or Remove

Select and edit the actions featured in this challenge:

[👁️‍🗨️] = View action page
[🖊️] = Edit action (article)
[➖] = Remove action from challenge

Add Actions

Scroll to down to find the [+ Add Actions] button to browse and add more actions to your challenge.

The filter function allows you to quickly browse through over 200 available actions to customize your challenge based on your goals and initiatives.

Click the plus button to add actions. Confirm when done.

How to Win and Challenge Rules

  • How to Win: Tell participants what they need to do to be a winner of this challenge.

  • Rules: Do you have unique rules for your challenge? Add them here to keep participants informed and accountable.

Updating Names for Manual Set Teams

If you're manually setting up teams for a team challenge, you can update team names on this page by clicking the edit icon to the right of each team.

You can update the name, picture, and headline for each team. We suggest using easily recognizable names, such as departments or locations, to help members choose the right team.

Save and Publish (or Save if you've already published)

Please review your challenge and click on the "Publish" button when you're ready!

Once published, the challenge will be available in the mobile app one week before the start date (or immediately if you publish within that window), allowing participants to join. Note: Only published challenges will appear in the mobile app.

If you need to make any more changes, you are free to update your published challenge until it goes live.

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