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Transforming Sustainability Education with JouleBug: Choosing the Right Plan for Your Organization

Are you ready to drive real change in your organization's sustainability efforts? At JouleBug, we're excited to offer you a range of pricing options that cater to organizations of all sizes. Our mission is to turn sustainability knowledge into lasting habits, and our pricing plans are designed to simplify that journey, more flexible and incredibly impactful.

Elemental: Where Transformation Begins (Always Free for Up to 10 Participants)

Our Elemental plan serves as the perfect entry point for your sustainability journey. It's free and available for up to 10 participants, allowing you to explore the power of JouleBug. Dive into the world of sustainability education, engage your team, and experience firsthand how JouleBug can make a difference in your organization. And when you're ready to expand your efforts and involve more people in climate action, upgrading is just a step away.

Boosted: Empower Change with Flexibility (Starting at $30 Monthly, Billed Annually)

The Boosted plan is where sustainability education gains momentum. With a starting price of just $30 per month when billed annually, this plan includes 30 participants. But the best part? You can easily add more participants based on your organization's size and growth. As your commitment to sustainability spreads across your team, our Boosted plan ensures that every member has the tools and knowledge to make a meaningful impact. Pro-tip: Learn about our free 30-day trial.

Custom: Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Vision

For those organizations with a specific vision in mind, our Custom plan is here to deliver. Whether you're looking for a branded app experience, single sign-on (SSO) authentication, or specialized customizations, we've got you covered. Please contact our dedicated sales team at to discuss how we can tailor JouleBug to align perfectly with your organization's goals.

Choosing Your Path to Sustainable Transformation

To help you make the right choice, we've prepared a handy comparison chart that breaks down the features and benefits of each pricing plan. This chart will help you select the plan that aligns with your organization's size, goals, and desired level of engagement.

Let's Make Sustainability Second Nature!

Are you excited to take the next step in driving sustainability transformation within your organization? With JouleBug, you're not just investing in a platform but in a greener, more sustainable future. From Elemental to Boosted and Custom, our pricing options allow you to customize your journey and empower your team to create lasting positive change.

Join us in making sustainability second nature. Start by exploring our pricing plans and discovering how JouleBug can propel your organization toward a more sustainable tomorrow. 🌿🌟

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