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Can I edit my team's name, photo and headline?

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Participating in a Challenge is an exciting and entertaining way to engage in a competition that motivates you to track your actions and earn points during a specific period of time. Challenges are like micro-learning experiences that concentrate on particular topics or new habits and are available for a limited time.

The aim is to score as many points as possible to become the winner or to be a part of the winning team. Challenges are designed for individuals or groups to take part in and offer an opportunity for friendly competition and the drive to achieve personal goals.

How do I join a team within a challenge?

  • If manual teams are enabled for this challenge, you will see a list of available teams to join. Tap on the "Join" button next to the team name you prefer or the one most suitable for you to join.

  • On the other hand, if ad-hoc teams are enabled for this challenge, you may also have the option to create your own team. We suggest you check if your friends have already created a team you can join. If you can’t find an existing team, create a new one and inform your friends about it so they can join it.

Tell me about Team Captains

The first person to join a team is automatically designated as the Team Captain.

What can a Team Captain do?

Team Captains have permission to edit:

  • Team Name

  • Team Photo

  • Team Headline

How do I edit my team's information?

Only the team captain has permission to edit the team information. If you are the team captain, using the mobile app, select your team and then tap edit. Make changes to the team name, photo, or headline. Tap save before you exit the screen.

Can I reassign the Team Captain?

The only way to reassign a team captain is if the current captain leaves; the second person joining the team will automatically become the new team captain.

How are Team Challenges Scored?

Earn points for your team by logging actions when you do the action in real life. Team scores are calculated using one of two methods:

  • Aggregate team score is calculated by summing the individual scores of team members during the challenge and is recommended for teams of uniform size.

  • Moving average team score is calculated by summing the individual moving average scores. The individual moving average score consists of the sum of each individual's points earned divided by the total number of team members at the time of each log. This method is recommended for teams of varying sizes.

Teams may be required to have a maximum or minimum number of members to compete. Once the challenge concludes, the team with the highest overall score wins!

Is a team score impacted by inactive members?

Yes. When team members are inactive, their average score negatively affects the team's score. The JouleBug app helps by providing support to members who may not be able to participate fully in a Challenge.

  • When a team member does not log any actions for 24 hours, the app sends a notification to remind them that their team needs them.

  • After 48 hours without activity, another notification is sent to let them know that they need to participate if they want to remain on the team.

  • After 72 hours of inactivity, the member is removed from the team, along with their points (which are generally zero since they have not been active).

    • A member who has been removed can rejoin the challenge if they decide they want to be active, as long as the Challenge is less than 75% complete.

Can I Switch Teams?

Leaving and joining another team is possible, but do you really want to do that? Teams are formed before the Challenge starts. There's no significant penalty if you need to change teams before the Challenge starts.

Once the Challenge begins we encourage you to stick with your team.

  • If you decide to leave your team and join another, your original team will keep the points you've earned while on that team.

  • Your points will be reset, and you will begin earning once you are officially a member of your new team.

Note: If a Challenge is within 72 hours of completion, no changes can be made.

Still want to switch teams? Here's how:

  1. Head to the info section of your Challenge and tap on the member button

  2. Scroll to find the team you want to join and tap the join button.

  3. You'll be asked to confirm if you want to switch teams and reminded that your points will start over. Tap switch to confirm.

If you want to create a new team instead of joining an existing team, you'll have to leave the Challenge and rejoin in order to create a new team.

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