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Overview of orgOwner, orgAdmin, and communityAdmin Permissions

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orgOwner, orgAdmin and communityAdmin Permissions

Having the proper permissions is essential to running a successful organization. Luckily, we've created a handy chart to help you better understand your new permissions as an organization owner or administrator.

Organization owners are the main people in charge of setting the strategic direction for an organization, creating new challenges, and onboarding new members. They can appoint other admins to help manage the organization. Note: only orgOwner has access to update and change billing information.

Organization admins are occasionally referred to as "organization moderators." The main purpose of an admin is to help manage the organization and ensure it runs smoothly. Admins typically can create and manage challenges, manage participants, create new communities, and more. Note: orgAdmin cannot update or change billing information.

Community Admins can manage challenges, notifications, and participants for their sub-groups, while not having access to sensitive organization information.

With owner and admin permissions, you can create one less support request when building new challenges, managing participants, or assigning new admins to your organization. Hopefully, it’s all smooth sailing from here on out as you continue to engage, energize, and educate your people on creating new sustainable habits.

Please take a look and download the full roles permissions chart below.

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