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Bulk Map Members to Communities
Bulk Map Members to Communities

Bypass invitation links and QR codes to map organization members to specific communities

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Streamline the Join Community Process with Bulk Map Members Feature

The easy-does-it solution for Organization Owners and Admins who want to bypass asking participants to join a community using an invitation link or QR code.

With 'Bulk Map Members', Organization Owners and Admins upload a CSV file with Participants' Emails and Community IDs for where to place those participants.

*Community ID can be found at the bottom of the Community Profile page.




Note: Participants must be members of your Organization before getting placed in specific communities.

Once our system completes processing your uploaded file, you'll receive a report of any listed participants who could not be found in your Organization. Those individuals must join your Organization before you attempt Bulk Map Members again.

Ready to Bulk Map Members? Use the CSV file below, fill it out, and upload it to quickly and easily place participants into specific communities.

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