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Invite Members to Join You on JouleBug
Invite Members to Join You on JouleBug

A step-by-step guide on how to invite members to join your organization

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I'm ready to invite members to join my organization. Show me how to do it.

We love to hear it! Collective action is the magic ingredient to achieving ambitious sustainability goals. Let's get the rest of your team in here.

Click on the Members Tab in the Admin Dashboard, then click the "Invite Members" button at the top right corner to get started

You will have four options to send invitations to your members, which will be presented in a pop-up.

Invite Option 1: Invite Link

Copy and paste the provided message and invitation link into your internal or external communication channels. Make any necessary edits, but do not modify the link itself.

Option 2: Generate a Flyer with a QR Code

Print the auto-generated flyer or crop the QR code for use on your branded print and digital materials. Folks scan the QR code to begin the onboarding flow.

Option 3: Access Code

If someone downloads the app without using an invitation link or a QR Code, they will be required to enter an access code to join your organization. To ensure a seamless experience, it is recommended to provide the access code to anyone who might need it. This will help them avoid any inconvenience caused by not having the access code at the time of joining.

Option 4: Manual Invite

Send email invitations to members by entering their email addresses. For the best experience, encourage recipients to open the invitation on their mobile device.

Click the button below to start your step-by-step hands-on guide and see how quickly and easily you can invite members to join your organization.

IMPORTANT: Always tell your people to use their mobile devices to interact with either the invitation link or QR code for smooth and easy onboarding and to make sure they're joining the right organization!

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