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Enabling Google SSO for Onboarding
Enabling Google SSO for Onboarding

For organizations that use Google Workspace as their domain provider

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Note: this option is only available for organizations that use Google Workspace as their domain provider.

Onboarding Members with Google SSO

As an organization owner or admin, you now have the option to enable Google SSO for member onboarding. This allows members who have authenticated with Google and possess an email domain matching the organization's approved domain to easily join the organization.

When individuals use an invitation link or QR code to join your organization on JouleBug, they will be directed to download the JouleBug app or open it if it is already installed on their device.

Once the individual accepts the privacy policy, they will be prompted to provide their work email or the email linked to their organization. If the email address entered corresponds to an allowed domain for your organization, the Google SSO will appear.

Once the individual clicks on 'continue', they will be prompted to choose the account linked to your organization's domain.

Once the individual chooses their Google account, they can then join your organization and access the actions page to begin exploring and logging.

Benefits of Enabling Google SSO

Enabling Google SSO brings the following benefits to the user onboarding process:

  • Enhanced Security: Google SSO provides a secure and centralized authentication system that helps prevent unauthorized access and reduce identity theft risk. With Google SSO, users can sign in to JouleBug applications using a single set of credentials, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords.

  • Improved User Experience: Google SSO simplifies the login process, bypassing the need to enter an organization access code and making a login into JouleBug applications easier. Users can log in with a single click, reducing the time and effort required to access JouleBug experiences.

  • Cost Savings: By enabling Google SSO, your organization can reduce the cost of managing and maintaining multiple authentication systems. Google SSO provides a single, centralized authentication system that can be easily managed and monitored.

  • Simplified User Provisioning: With Google SSO, user provisioning becomes simpler and more streamlined. Administrators can easily add or remove users from the system, and user access to JouleBug applications can be controlled centrally.

  • Seamless Integration: JouleBug's Google SSO integration provides a seamless user experience across devices.

Setting Up Google SSO for Your Organization

Pro-tip: Ensure you're logged into your organization's Google Workspace and email before you start setting up Google SSO.

Setting up Google SSO takes only a couple of minutes to complete. First, navigate to the Settings tab of the Admin Dashboard.

Next, click the Sign in with Google button. You'll be taken to a screen to select the Google account associated with your organization's Google Workspace.

Our system will retrieve the associated domain within seconds and make it a requirement for members to join your organization on JouleBug. You will notice that the "Sign in with Google" button changes to "remove" when the process is successful.

And you're done!

If you decide that you want to verify new members using other methods, such as Access Code instead, you can easily remove Google SSO from your organization by clicking on the "remove" button.

Are you experiencing problems setting up your Google SSO? Click on the JouleBug green support button located at the bottom right corner to contact our team.

Want to add another domain to your organization? Contact our team, and we'd be happy to help!

Need a different authentication option? Check out the rest of our options.

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