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Create a Community

How to create a new sub-group for your organization

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Creating a community

Click the " + Create Community" button to get started.

Fill out the pop-up form to create a new community.

  1. Community Icon: Square images in file format jpeg or png work best.

  2. Community Name: The community name should convey who the community is for and make it easy for members to know which community to join, such as department name, state or country, or a specific topic.

  3. Visibility: Choose how you want the community to be discovered.

    • Public: The community will appear under the “Suggested Communities” view. Members can search for the community, and all members can join the community.

    • Limited: The community can only be found when members search for it or if members have a link to join the community. It will not appear under the “Suggested Communities” view.

    • Hidden: The community can only be found with a direct link. Therefore, it is not searchable and is hidden from the “Suggested Communities” view.

  4. Create a Password: You can add another layer of exclusivity by requiring interested members to enter a password to join the community.

    1. If you add a password, make sure to record it so you can share it when inviting people to join. Once the password is set, you will not be able to view it.

  5. Community Headline: Add a short description of the community that inspires action.

  6. Invite Additional Community Admins: Add the email addresses of those who co-manage the community. As the creator of the community, you're automatically designated as an admin of the community.

  7. Click "Create Community" when you're done.

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